Saxo referral

After I clicked on the Saxo referral link, filled up the details, I received an email from Saxo asking me to open account via Singpass. When I go through this process, how will they know about the referral?

If you used this link, there is an entry for your StocksCafe username → Trade Stocks with Saxo | Saxo Markets SG

Yes, i can do that; But my point is, that form does not lead to account opening, just a means for Saxo to contact me with instructions to open account, and I am wondering how Saxo then will know I used the referral link. This is the link that Saxo emailed me: Online Trading Account Application Form | Saxo Markets SG

I see. As long as you did use the form, they should tag you appropriately. If you want to be sure, you can always confirm with the person who emailed you asking if you are tagged properly as referred by StocksCafe. Thanks!