Screener questions

I am very new at investing and to this platform. Can you please help with the following. Thank you.

  1. FCF > dividends payout: Does this exist within the screener
  2. median dividends: What is the correct way to set this criteria within screener

  3. Cuyield: Does this equate to latest dividend yield?
  4. Interest coverage ratio: Does this exist within the screener
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Yes, you can use “Free Cash Flow Per Share” > “Dividends Per Share”

Are you talking about “Median Yield”?

It is computed using this =>

Sorry, I do not have this.

Thanks Evan.

On (2), my question is related to screening out counters that have above median dividends. How should I do this on the screener? Thanks

I am not sure I full understand but I can think of two ways to do slightly different things related to median dividends.

  1. Use Type 1 condition: “Median Yield” > X (where you can/have to set X).

  2. Use Type 3 condition: “Current Yield” > “Sector Median”

Personally, I would not recommend 2. I think 1 makes more sense.


thank you Evan

Hi , i have trouble using the screener. when i add 2 conditions, only two stocks came out.
PLease help.
thank you.


I tried to replicate your screener conditions and was able to run them fine.

Can you look at if this shared screener works for you? =>



Yes, it is likely due to you being free member.

However, I should have clearer message to indicate that. I will work on that.

Thanks for reporting.