Screener response is timing out

Hello Evan,

The Screener response seems to be timing out … can you please take a look, when convenient?

Many thanks

Hi Reality,

Yes, this is a known issue that I will aim to fix over the weekend.

Cause: As I migrate to using Morningstar data, I also made changes to backend processing.

Before: All metrics for all stocks in all exchanges were precomputed daily. While this means that screeners run fast, it also meant many wasted computation especially as more metrics and stocks are supported.

Now: Metrics are computed on the fly. This means that my servers do not need to waste CPU precomputing for potential but likely not used metrics. However, this means that screening will be slow for some metrics where heavy computation is involved (e.g. those that look back multiple years) or for exchanges with many stocks.

Solution: What I intend to do is to make the screening process async so that it will not timed out though you might still have to wait a few mins if the query is complex.

Temp Solution: For the time being, please reduce the number of conditions and refrain from running heavy computation conditions.

Timeline: I aim to deploy the async process over the weekend.


Many thanks, Evan.


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Hi Evan,

Sorry, I am still facing issues when trying to run the screener.

Was the fixed deployed?

Not yet. It is almost ready. I am testing it out and should be out tonight or tomorrow.