SEA stock data incorrect in some tabs

  1. SEA stock price is wrong on “transactions” tab.
  2. SEA stock description is incorrect on “summary” Tab.
  3. SEA “Recent price” data is incorrect.
  4. SEA “dividend” tab has incorrect data.

I am seeing 53.02 USD on 17 Apr 2020. Can you pull to refresh?

This one seems weird. Let me investigate.

Can you try to refresh? I am now seeing USD50+ for 2020. Seems like yours is the 2017?

This also seems to be wrong since the stock is listed in 2017.

I believe it is pulling data from the previous. company using SE ticker.

Issue (1) & (3) fixed after i pulled down for refresh! Thanks very much.

Issue (2) is also fixed! Thanks!

Issue (4) is still there, but it does not affect me much.

Thank you for reminding me :slight_smile:

I am trying to switch over to new vendor for US which should solve this issue.

Updated. Please verify. Thanks.