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TL:DR Anyone knows of good personal investing software? Seeking wisdom of crowds
(Vote if you are willing to pay for such service too and state max $$ annual amount)

Whilst the average Joe in other countries can link bank and credit card accounts and get instant updates and insightful reports, we are stuck in Singapore where the latest greatest innovation is the direct bank feed for BUSINESS accounts only into accounting software like Xero. (Direct feed feature was possible elsewhere in the world decades ago…) Appealling to the local banks for retail accounts to get bank feed access is totally unfruitful.

What can software do? Save time & improve analysis

Like what? (Use cases)
The first step for every investor is a good household budget and expense tracking. Actually, if getting transaction data was simplified, then believe more people will look closer at spending and realise there are (1) ways to save money like buying bulk, terminating unused subscriptions (2) earning soft credit like miles or cash back when we look at better directing spending (3) just cutting back once we can see how much is really being spent.

The second step is to visualise asset allocation. Stock Cafe is a good option but to be accurate would be to reconcile with actual bank records. This is where accounting software does this and will alert for any mismatch. Good way to reduce trade errors, or as has happened in the past, claim back commissions that were overcharged.

The third step is to visualise risk. This is really getting to near perfect system that the family offices use.

Have looked at/tested out many platforms and not found any suited for the Singapore Investor (yet):
GNU Cash, XERO, Bank Tree, Quicken, Quickbook, MYOB, Mint, Fund Count, FM advisor,

Thinking out loud…if really nothing exist and there is enough demand to cover costs, we can possibly have a community crowd funded project. If you are keen, vote ‘yes’ and state how much you are prepared to pay annually

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Vote: YES! give me a really useful tool, would pay up to $500 per year