SGX:A7RU - Kep Infra Tr, Change of Reporting Period

Dear Evan,
I hesitate to report it as “programming bug”. Rather, it may be “data bug”.
From this year, many stocks listed in SGX changed their reporting period from 3 months to half year, and the dividends were also paid half yearly accordingly.
When I looked at the SGX:A7RU, I was surprised to note the dividend yield of 5.03% (It has been quite stable 6.7% in the past few years) . When I double checked with, I realised that A7RU “missed” the 3Q dividend in Oct/Nov. I also read that A7RU changed the reporting to half year and the next half year dividend will be declared on 20 Jan 2021.
Is there any way you can tackle this special situation? If it is not too troublesome. May be a special flag to mark certain stock changed their reporting period. In that case, use older data (eg. instead of 4Q2019 to 3Q2020, use the data 3Q2019 to 2Q2020 to estimate the dividend yield and projection for next 12 months).


Thank you for highlighting this issue.

What we can affect easily is the “projected yield”. In this case, there are 3 projected dividend but we can easily change that to 2 with higher amount each. What do you think?


Dear Evan,

     Yes, any solution (hopefully not too much modification)  is welcome.


Done. I updated it. Let me know if that make sense to you ->