SGX:CFA incomplete dividends for ex-date 2 Jan 2024

Hi Evan,

I just noticed that SGX:CFA is missing a dividend of SGD 0.006296 per unit. Ex-date 2 Jan 2024. Pay date 2 Feb 2024:

Was thinking of editing the dividends, but not sure how to do so for grouped dividends. Do I edit the overall figure or add on another dividend component?

I have submitted an override for your consideration:

Oct 2023 dividend is missing.

Good spot!

I have added them for Evan’s approval as well.

Just wondering if there is any issue with your upstream data? It’s concerning how dividend records suddenly disappear. Who knows how many of such records go missing undetected?

Hi Evan,

Thanks for updating. I’m sorry if my communication was not clear.

I saw that you have included the $0.006296 dividend which I submitted for 2 Jan 2024 but deleted the existing ones which were not supposed to be deleted.
Could you reinstate them? To be clear, the total amount should be $0.0117. Thank you.

Hi there,

Thank you for adding them. I have approved all that you proposed.


ps: Ya. It is always a difficult decision between not updating based on upstream data. Maybe I will create a separate flow for users to “approve” dividends and once sufficient users or power users “approve” certain dividends, I will ignore upstream.

Hi Evan, i think you missed my last message. :sweat_smile: To keep it short and less confusing, the total value of dividends for 2 Jan 2024 ex-date is $0.0117. I have submitted yet another edit…

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Ah… Thanks for always helping make StocksCafe better!~

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