SGX:CY6U Ascendas India Trust Dividends removed?

Did someone accidentally removed Ascendas India Trust dividends?

The coming dividends in August were deleted suddenly.

Distribution Period
1 January 2022 to 30 June 2022

Distribution Amount
4.28 Singapore cents per unit

Ex-Distribution Date
9.00 am, 22 August 2022

Record Date
5.00 pm, 23 August 2022

Payment Date
30 August 2022

Realised a few other stocks have the same issue as well.

Sorry, there was a glitch over the weekend. I have fixed it. Can you check again? Thanks!

Hi Evan. I have checked and it’s still the same.

Can you give me specific examples? Easier to check.

I see that CY6U is available →

But since the ExDate is today, it is no longer in Announced.

Hi Evan, yes, the ex-date is today, so I should expect to see in Due/Paid. But it doesn’t show up.

That might be due to some caching. Do you know how to clear the cache? It is at the bottom of the page.

Ah… Thanks Evan! Learned something new about the cache today.

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Sorry ah… Very hard to balance between fast pages and correct caching :frowning: