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Hi Evan. I have changed my mind on MIT (SGX: ME8U) script issue. I have key-in the script based on ex-date. Now I have gone to DIVIDENDS and deleted the Script line item. However, I do not see QOH of MIT reduced neither do I see the DivD cash amount due. Have I done something wrong?

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I am not too sure what you mean by QOH?

Also, I see the dividend amount due here →
Assuming that you are talking about 2 Nov 2022 exdate dividend.


Hi Evan

QOH - Qty on Hand
After deleting the script under Dividends i saw that the QOH remained the same (ie with the script qty). However, later in the evening, the QOH went down to pre-script qty. The dividend shows the cash amount. All good Evan. I think the StocksCafe took some time to refresh the data.

Thank you

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Yes, to prevent making the site too slow. When you make transaction updates, there is a separate queue (actually 6 of them) processing them. There can be times when the queue is slow especially when traffic are high and when someone is running screener.

ps: maybe I should have some queues dedicated to updates so that they will always be quite fast.

Yes. That will be most helpful…a dedicated queue lane for updates.

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