Shell stock code change (historical dividends missing)

hi @evankoh and friends

Just realized that Shell just changed (class A + B merger) their stock code (UK stock to LSE:SHEL)

LSE:RDSB + LRDSA (merger), new code LSE:SHEL.
I own some shell shares (LSE ver.) in 2 portfolios.
Unfortunately the historical dividends does not port over to this new counter (from the looks of it).

Is there a fix or workaround for this issue?

Thank you.


Hi Olivia,

I am not sure how LSE:RDSB will translate to LSE:SHEL but you can use this guide to handle ticker change → How to Handle Ticker Changes - StocksCafe Academy

There should be no need to port over the dividends if you are using the guide above.


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Awesome! Thanks very much.

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Hi there

I tried, but nothing seemed to have happened :frowning:

edit: oK seems to be working now… changed back to the old counter->stock split-> works.

awesome. Thank you!

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