Simply Wall Street

Hi All,
Greetings from a newbie here.
Does anyone here using SimplyWallSt.
In term of the visualisation, it seems quite impressive.
Anyone had experience with SimplyWallSt; and how reliable is their “insights/analysis”?

Incidentally I am in the 14-day trial period. Like you mentioned, I also found their data and statistics to be presented in a very appealing way. Other than that, I have not done any further verification of their insights and analysis. I think in the end you need to do further investigative work before plonking your money in a stock.

Hi @matakaching ,
Agreed, it’s very appealing.
And being a noob, it somehow looks “easier” to understand with colour etc.
I’m on the same page with you, still need to do our own due diligence; as not sure how to judge the “reliability” of their visualisation (especially the shares fair value)

I have used the paid version before, and I do agree that it presents information in a very appealing and easy to understand manner. That being said, you should do your own due diligence. On some occasions, I have found their numbers to be misleading. This is especially so for the future growth segment, and the share price vs fair value segment. Ultimately, these are analysts located overseas, and they may not have as good a handle of local companies and their operations.

Hi @joshandsomestuff
Thank you for sharing your thoughts & experience using Simply WallSt!
I do agree the fair value part is somehow often “too far” or “too high”

I found their GitHub page too …
Not into IT/coding stuff, thus don’t really understand what is their GitHub for actually

Definitely a useful analytical tool. I use it to screen the companies I am most interested in and also prospective companies that seem attractive based on the “snowflake”. However, I also pair it with Morningstar and investor one (+yahoo finance) and do my own due diligence before I decide whether to buy or sell. Overall it’s a quick, effective way on telling you about a particular stock.

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Thank you for sharing other resources @yhlin

Hi, I have been paid member since last May… initially graphs etc. makes you interested but the analysis are not good, numbers can be faulty. And the analysis you see is always “is XYZ is cheap with P/E 5 etc” I mean that is not the type of info a retail investor should look. Evidently I stopped my membership after a year…if you are really looking for good fin.statement results and numbers I would suggest If you are looking for fancy graphs, sure simplywallst looks OK.
Hope it helps

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Hi @eurasianomics,
Thanks a lot for your sharing! Will definitely check on
As a newbie, still have a lot to learn and definitely need to be careful being “hypnotised” by fancy visualisation alone.