Site appears as dark colour scheme on initial load, even though light colour scheme is selected

Hi Evan,

I am having this issue of the site appearing as dark colour scheme for the initial load even though light colour scheme is selected as my preference (see screenshot below). I would then need to refresh the page in order to get the preferred light colour scheme.

This has been bugging me for a while but as this is just a cosmetic issue, I have been hesitant to raise this bug report. Can you help to look into this when you are free? :sweat_smile:

Actually, I have another user @andyr911 also mentioned this issue.

I tried a bit but cannot really replicate the issue on my machines previously.

Anyway, I will try to look into it again.

Okay. After spending some time on this, I believe I have fixed it.

@kengbeng @andyr911 Please check if it still shows up for you and let me know. Thanks!

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It appears so. Thanks for looking into all the bug reports, however small they are :blush:

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Hi Evan, after checking for a couple of days I can also confirm it appears to be fixed - good job thanks.

@andyr911 Great! Thanks!

Ya. Not an easy bug. It was quite elusive. Can hardly reproduce it like once a day :frowning:

Hi Evan, sorry to trouble you. The issue seems to have resurfaced. Just want to check if you encounter the same.

No. I just tried to switch between Light and Dark mode and it is behaving as expected.

@andyr911 Are you experiencing it too?

Hi Evan, yes it was appearing again yesterday, but not today…
Strange bug this one.


Hi Evan, it appeared when I loaded Stockscafe for the first time today after startup. Subsequent loads appear fine. If it is intermittent and seldom reproducible, maybe not worth the effort to seek out the bug causing it.

Ya. If it is happening on one day but not the other, very hard to pinpoint the cause.

Yup. Shall ignore it for now. Let me know if it suddenly becomes more frequent. Thanks!

Hi Evan,

Been happening for me too. Dark Mode and the “Latest Article” box (even though I already clicked “do not show again”) at the top always shows on first load. It requires a refresh in order to make it show my preferred appearance (Light Mode + no “Latest Article” box).

I’m able to replicate this by basically closing my browser and going into any stockscafe link (be it Dashboard or Portfolio). Everytime I close my browser, the dark mode + latest article comes back. Happening on both Safari and Chrome on MacOS.

Been wanting to write about this for a while but it was such a small cosmetic issue I thought I was just being picky, but then saw this thread and wanted to add a bit more info! Haha


Yes. It is easier to replicate these days. The TLC x Stockscafe banner doesn’t go away permanently even though I clicked “Do not show again”.

Hi all,

Thanks. I will find some time to try to fix them soon.



@kengbeng @benjaminhoong
I think I fixed it. Can you all try again? Thanks!

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Working flawlessly for me. Thanks Evan! :muscle:

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Works fine now. Thanks Evan!

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