Site is slow

Just want to feedback, lately Stockscafe seems very slow, not sure everyone has the same experience and whther anything can be done?

Hi there,

  1. Are you talking about first load of the day? Usually, the first loading after end of trading day is slower because it is processing new data. However, it should get better after you load it once.

  2. Is there a specific page that you are referring to? It will help me in isolating the issue.


Thanks Evan for the quick respose. It’s not the first load after EOD, it was the access to the site, I usually through saved favourate,. Many time in the morning say around 9am+, I even get the cloud time-out error, but strangely today, it is very much faster, it was not as fast at all for the last one month or so. Another slowness I encountered was navigating through the tab, e.g. transactions, performance, dividents etc which I frequently did, it was slow before today, now it seems so much better, not sure if you need to do some reindexing or archiving which what we usually did in database.

It is usually not slow during this time.

Can you let me know again the next time when it is happening?

If you do @evankoh then, it will let me know via email and usually will get my attention faster.

I do not think the slowness is from DB. I do track the response time from DB and it is usually fine.

Wow…instant reply…lol…sure, thanks

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@evankoh Hi Evan, its slow now StocksCafe . The portfolio not showing up now, and can see the spinning thingy spins…for 2 minutes liao

Thanks. Looking at it. Found a few suspects. Will work on it.

@evankoh Site is slow again, error code cloudfare “A timeout occurred Error code 524”

Thanks. I restarted the server earlier. Should be fine now.