Slow loading of webpages nowadays

Anyone experiencing slow loading of webpages nowadays or is it just me?

Can you share with me what is the ray ID? I can check for you.


hmm… Cannot find this Ray ID. Anyway, please reach out again if you see it with the Ray ID and I will investigate.

Yes. Me too experiencing the slow loading of the webpage and often during the Market Session.

Received the same repaort. Error 524.

Yes, please give me the Ray ID so that I can look into it.

Btw, a few days ago (in fact this have had happened in the past as well), there was some nasty bots sending countless requests overwhelming the servers leading to server being very busy.

I am not saying that it is always due to nasty bots. However, if you see overall slowness, it is likely nasty bots. But if you see specific page(s) being slow. Maybe there is some inefficiency in the code (or maybe insufficient caching).