SOFI name in drop down

Previously when I trade SOFI it will show SOFI Inc. Today I roll my options trade and SOFI came out as SOFI Inc Common. I now have 2 lines in my options transaction / overview page. How do I consolidate both? Previously from IPOE it auto changed to SOFI.

If only the name change then it does not matter. Is the ticker still the same?

The ticker same, SOFI, but now I have two lines/entries in my options overview, one for sofi inc, one for sofi inc common stock. Overall P&L doesn’t matter but when I want to calculate how much p&l for SOFI I have to add both lines.

I took at look at your options transactions. I think I understand the situation now.

We have two options based on current status of StocksCafe.

  1. Do nothing but you will have two lines of P&L as you have mentioned. From StocksCafe perspective, different tickers means different stocks.

  2. Change all your previous IPOE transactions to SOFI to consolidate the P&L.


Thanks Evan for the suggestion, will do that. Cheers.

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