Something wrong with time weighted/xirr calculations

My portfolio shows Im up 400+%. It was a lot less when i saw it a few days ago lol.
Something went wrong somewhere. pls take a look.

Do you have RDSB?

Seems like upstream changed the currency wrongly. I have emailed them about it.

Yeah I do. Yeah you’re right bro.

Thanks I’ll wait quietly. I was happy for 1 minute thought one of my bets had 100x

Upstream just fixed RDSB. Please verify.

RDSB back to normal in portfolio, but time weighted and xirr% still showing high/insane numbers that are wrong. Maybe xirr/time weighted refreshes couple times a day?

Ah… Yes, that is pulling data from report hence need to update report. I already kickstart that for you. Please verify.

yeap back to normal now, thanks bro.

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bro @evankoh same thing started happening again. RDSB problem.
No urgent, just flagging it. I guess something synced somewhere and went back to default.

Yes, you are right. Yesterday, it seems to have become GBP for a while and someone flagged that. It was then fixed to become GBX. Also, I added a check to try to prevent this from happening. Should be fine now. Please reach out again if you see it happening again. Thanks!