SPH T39 Tender Offer

Hi Evan, SPH (T39) is delisted on 13 May 2022. For each T39 unit, shareholders can opt to receive:

  1. $2.36 or
  2. 0.782 SPH REIT (SK6U) unit + $1.602

Will you be creating an automation button for this?

Info: https://investor.sphl.com.sg/newsroom/20220428_223833_T39_I4FJ4W1VT3Y5ID1H.1.pdf


Hmmm… The implementation currently cannot accept either.

Since the first option should be straight forward, simply sell the stock at $2.36 on 13 May, I can create a 1-click button for option 2.

What do you think?

Hi Evan,

Has the 1-click button option up? Similar case as Capitaland?

Done. You can go here if you opt for the SK6U shared → https://stocks.cafe/events/details?suggestion_id=5

It will do the following for you.

  1. Sell T39 at 2.33708 (= 0.782 x 0.94 + 1.602)
  2. Buy 0.782 SK6U at 0.94

For those that opt for SPH (T39) to $2.36, please simply create a sell transaction on 13 May with price $2.36.

Thank you Evan.

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Hi Evan, I tried to “sell” SPH at $2.36 but when I key in SPH or T39 nothing shows up.

Hi Evan, managed to update it. Thanks

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