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How come when I delete a share stock, the dividend screeb is not updated ? Meaning it did not remove the dividend?

? Can you give me more information?

  1. I do not think it is possible to delete dividends from mobile app

  2. What are the steps you took?

First I added new transaction(shares) to my portfolio. Then under the dividend page, it helps me to calculate the dividend upcoming prediction. I went to delete that transaction in my portfolio then I assume the dividend should be remove from there right ? But it did not.


Thanks for the explanation.

I see. You meant that after you delete the transaction and the dividend(s) related to it are still there.

That should not be the case.

Let me look into it.


Yes that’s what I meant.


Thank you for reporting. I believe I have fixed the issue.

  1. Run update portfolio after transaction deletion from Mobile App (previously only did this for desktop).

  2. Update your portfolio since it is now out of date.

Please verify.