Stock Split: how do I change my current holdings when they undergo stock split?

One of my stocks recently had a stock split and this does not reflect on my portfolio. Does anyone know how to add this to the portfolio correctly?

You can find out more here >> How to handle stock splits for same symbol before and after

I believe Evan did say he intends to create something to automate it.

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There is also a tutorial here ->

Hi @evankoh

I have used the above method for the current TSLA 1:3 stocks split, however, the P&L seem to show a profit of $900- the current TSLA share price of $300.

How can I make adjustments to this?


Hi there,

I think what you did is correct.

  1. Where did you see a P&L of $900?

  2. What are you expecting to see instead?


Hi @evankoh ,

Somehow after a day I log in to check on my Stocks Cafe account and the amount is correct now.

  1. When I perform the stocks split features, the system seems to think I have profited for selling at $900 and bought back and $300. So my portfolio sky rocketed​:rocket: with $600 profit per share :joy:

Not sure what’s going on, but now its settled already

Have a Great Weekend!

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