Stockcafe Setting and Maintenance Issues


I just subscribed to Friend of StockCafe via paypal on 3 years plan.

a. How long would it take after my payment so that I can start to create my additional portfolios?
b. How do i check the validity of my friend of stockcafe status?
c. Is renewal automatic (from paypal) or i need to “remember” to renew when the 3rd year is expiring?


Thank you for your questions!

Unfortunately, this is still a manual process. Usually, I respond within 1-2 days. Technically, it is possible to make this automated for those paying via PayPal as they do have APIs for that.

This page should give you till when it would expire =>

For PayPal, yes, it have the automatic renewal feature.


Thanks, my status have been updated to Friend of Stockcafe.

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