Stocks Cafe loads v slow


I have been getting lots of timeout when I tried to add transaction and also when I keyed in the stock name, the dropdown does not appear, so i can’t actually update a transaction.

It’s been almost an hour, i tried with router, my 5G internet data, but it keeps lagging.

Hi there,

Yes, this morning seems to have a lot of issues. I am working on it. It is better now. Can you try again.


Yes, it’s alr working smoothly!


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I found a few slow code and fixed them.

Also, I am planning to add another new server over the weekend to make it behave better during peak hours.

Finally, I think I might actually make it such that non-login and non-friends go to a different server because I did see that many non-login requests that are spams/bots. Some are just brute force requests trying to break the servers.