Suggest to add support to dax index exchange

Hi there, i am newly joined global friend from malaysia here,
i like the platform, except here don’t have germany FRA european exchange.
Many big companies are listed there, and i hope here can support this exchange later. (for easy tracking my investment)…

Hi there,

Welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion. There are a lot of exchanges in Europe so it might not be feasible for us to support them.

However, you can always use Custom Assets to support any stock or asset that are not in StocksCafe supported Exchanges.


Thanks for the reply, no prob i found the stock i traded under FRA is listed in LSE too.

Anyway , there is a missing stock NVD3. (ETN) u have NVD2 but not NVD3 under the LSE .
not sure whether u may add them in.

so far very love the platform, thanks for building such a good system.

Thank you for reporting. Let me email my upstream about it.

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Done. Upstream responded very fast and added it → LEVERAGE SHARES 3X NVIDIA Stock Summary (LSE:NVD3) - StocksCafe

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Thanks so much !

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