Tax on HKEX Stocks Dividends


Can I check if there are tax on HKEX Stocks dividends?
If yes, are the taxes already calculated in the Stocks Cafe?

Are there differences between China or Hong Kong stocks in HKEX?


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You can check out this article on how to handle withholding taxes → How to Handle Dividend Withholding Tax - StocksCafe Academy


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An HKEX listed company that is incorporated in Hong Kong and has no HQ within Mainland China will have an 0% tax on its dividends. Companies with a HQ in Mainland China will have a 10% dividend withholding tax.

However, sometimes you will see an 0% withholding tax on Chinese companies. It could be that such a company pays the HKEX dividends through a HK subsidiary and that subsidiary already paid the 10% withholding tax. However, I am not sure about this. If someone knows how to predict the withholding tax of Chinese companies listed on the HKEX please let us know.

In any case, once you got your first dividend of a new company, you will know the tax rate and you can enter it yourself in as Evan explains in the article linked above.

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