Tdameritrade Sync Problem

Hi Evan, im doing all option in TDAmeritrade. Have problem syncing.

Same issue here +1

Hi Evan, same issue as well.

Hi all,

Thanks for alerting me to it. Yes, I am watching the syncing. I will PM each of you individually.


its working now, thanks!

Hi Evan

I am also encountering syncing issues with TDA.

Thanks for looking into it!

Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

I do get the sync to work but on the TD account, i have trouble logging in today and when i called their hotline, they mentioned that there was a suspected fraudulent activity happening on the account. They need to reset the account somehow. I’m not sure if this is linked but apparently couple of accounts were reported today as well.

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting. That is weird.

I will reach out to TD to check as well.

Will keep you updated.


ps: I have been using this feature on my account for quite a few days now and I just tried to login and I am still able to. Not sure what is the issue.

pps: I am pausing this feature for now until I get clarity from TD about the issue. I am very sorry for causing anyone’s account to be locked :frowning:

Btw, can you tell me more? What do you mean by couple of accounts were reported today? TD told you about it?

I got my account back last night, they need to reset not just password but also user id and also provide a verbal password for additional security. When I asked the customer service on what exactly happen, she mentioned that this could be due to fraudulent activities or multiple login from various sources that triggered the account to be locked and reset for security purposes. I’m not sure if that linked to the new service but hearing that you have tried that for a few days and didn’t get any problem so that is probably a separate issue.
On the multiple accounts affected, I’m only hearing this from the customer service officer but she didn’t provide more details, just that they all need to go through the reset process.

Hi all,

As there are a few reports of users’ account being locked out which might be because of trying out this new feature, I have decided to paused this feature until I get more clarity from TD.

If your account is locked, please call their hotline to get it unlocked/reset. Their hotline for Singapore is +65 6823 2250

I am very sorry for potentially causing anyone’s account to be locked due to this new syncing feature. I am trying to reach TD to get more clarity on this. Called them but they said I need to email the dedicated support for anything regarding API which I also did but yet to get any respond so far.

I will continue to update this thread with any latest information.


Updates: I am still not getting any respond from TD Ameritrade API department.

This is what I suggest we do next.

  1. Continue to wait.

  2. While we are waiting, this is what we can try while waiting.
    My guess on why some accounts are locked previously is because we used the same developer key (registered to my StocksCafe email) to login to too many different TDA account.
    For the record, till today, my account was never locked using this sync feature and I just did a sync 2 mins ago.
    So, what I would suggest that we can try is have each user create their own TDA developer account and use their own developer key to sync.
    If you want to try that, please reach out to me.
    Of course, it might again cause your account to be locked if not done properly.


Hi Evan,

How can I make use of this now? Please advise, thanks!

Hi Roy,

What I will recommend is that you go create your own developer key (It is free) on
Then we use your developer key to do the sync.

Of course, there will be risk that your account might be locked out as experienced by a few other users. So, I recommend you to close or reduce any risky position and only try it on a Monday.