Thai Stocks

Any plans to enhance SGX cafe to track thailand stocks as well?

Honestly, that would be quite far down the road map if it even happens. The next few I am thinking of is Tokyo and London. Even these two would need some time.

Just curious, what broker u using for your Thai stocks? :slight_smile:

I use i OCBC

$2 custodian fee? any chance to wavie it?

eagerly waiting!

by the way, do iocbc inform u via email when there are any corporate actions (EGM,rights issue) for companies that u bought?

Cos I am using FSMOne to buy HK stocks. Apparently, their customer service they say will inform via email but till date I never received a single email before even when EGM has passed.

So wondering if this is a normal practice for the brokers.

Thanks in advance.

think either >2 trade/month or >6 trades/quarter can waive custodian fee

I use SCB for HK, SG and US market.

for SG have to call them up myself.