The Advent of Indie Fund Managers (IFM)

These Indie Fund Managers operate on a No Gain No Pay
basis, much unlike traditional Fund Houses. Their Clients pay very low Platform Fee & Wrap Fee every quarter,
IFM uses a safe and secure Platform from IFast or POEMS to access numerous Unit Trust (UT) fund houses. These UT are usually not accessible by retail investors, and even if so, investors need to pay sale charges, switching fees, wrap fees, and other attendant charges due to the Managed Fund.
IFM survives purely by their own performance - no excuses if they underperform market indices, The Covid market downturn early this year is a good study of their performance.
Portfolio strategy, KPIs, execution management, and UTs monitoring are actively and closely managed. Engagement with clients on Zoom is very regular, can be as frequent as twice a week.
To those who had given up on the traditional and staid Fund Management or UTs, do check up on these IFMs. I find their performance to date to be quite credible. Vested.