The Common SG Millennial - My New Blog

Hi Everyone! I recently started blogging online (because Circuit Breaker gives me a little more time at home).

I online just joined the workforce about a year ago, so i started writing a little about my journey into adulthood and other financial stuff. I will be writing a little more about my investment journey soon.

Anyway, just wanted to take this opportunity to share the blog with yall. If yall are free and don’t mind reading a young man’s thoughts and experiences, please feel free to take a look. the link is below:

Please let me know if yall have any thoughts or comments as well. Really excited to learn from everyone in this community, especially those who have been investing for a lot longer than I am.

Stay safe everyone! and I hope to hear from yall soon :slight_smile:

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Hi iBuffering,

I am Derek from and a warm welcome to the community.

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Hi Derek!

Thank you for the welcome!