The Trade Desk affecting total returns after stock split

The Numbers such as P and L, xirr are all inflated after I adjust for stock split

Thanks. Will look into this together with the other tickets about TTD.

thanks evan!


I have redid the stock split for you. Can you verify if all numbers are okay now?

I think the reason is because you choose the SplitDate to be 16 June. Somehow, the split date is 17 June from my upstream. That have caused you to “buy” the stocks 10x cheaper the day before split and hence you have 10x gains on it.


Hi, yes the numbers are correct now for overall gain/loss. As mentioned in previous posts, only issue is P&L for 2020 and P&L for 2021 are wrong.

Hi there,

I assume you started having TTD in 2020?

Anyway, I will continue to investigate.