Tiger Brokers- USD1.99 Fee

Just found out about Tiger Brokers, have been using it for nearly 2 months to trade the US market. It counts Jim Rogers, Interactive Brokers and Xiaomi among its strategic investors. It is also listed on NASDAQ under the code: TIGR.

It is a mainly mobile platform.
Clean interface, easy trades, allows you to long or short sell the market, not too buggy, no crashes yet.

Can sign up with my referral link: https://www.tigerbrokers.com.sg/activity/market/2020/stock-draw/?invite=NIRBT0&utm_source=官网&utm_medium=邀请活动&region=SGP

Signing up with this gives you a promotional free share (based on a wheel of fortune spin) upon sign up- good stuff like Apple and Amazon, or meh stuff like Ford. Even if unconvinced about the platform, can try your hand and see if you get a good hundred/ thousand dollar stock just on free sign up (I got one Tencent stock).

It is licensed by MAS and funds are kept in a separate custodian account.

Commissions and charges can be found here. Minimum for each order= USD 1.99.

You can fund your account with SGD, and convert to USD on their platform, which offers quite good rates.
I converted at a rate of SGD1= USD0.7049
The rate found on Google was SGD1= USD0.7069
They charge a flat conversion fee of USD2 on any amount exchanged.

Can check out the full FAQs here: https://www.tigerbrokers.com.sg/help?lang=en_US

As a disclaimer, Tiger Brokers among other players in the New Zealand market were probed for anti- money laundering breaches. Read what you may into this.

May want to check this out => https://geoinvesting.com/up-fintech-holdings-illegal-money-laundering-scheme/