To confirm if the USD/SGD exchange rate is correct

Just to check if the USD/SGD exchange rate in my page is correct for my current PnL in my current positions.

Total current PnL in USD = 2,225.62
But the respective PnL in SGD base = 2469.20 (should be around SGD 3026 instead)

Can help to take a look on this?


Hi SetsunaSoon,

Thank you for reaching out.

P&L has two components

  1. Current Value -> This uses the latest FX
  2. Cost Value -> This uses the FX when you make the trades

So, it is possible that P&L based on current FX would seems off.


I think some bug, my usd portfolio Profit drop a lot since Monday. I Think FX got problem


One known issue is that if you have been performing short-selling, then there might be some issue.

If you have not, then it is simply because I have switched the implementation to consider FX at the price of purchase for cost.

Previously: USD100 profit is directly converted to SGD with current FX
Now: USD100 is first converted to the current value and cost value separately then each of them current value is converted with current FX and cost value is converted with the FX when the buy transaction is made (or if you have set your own FX).

Hope that make sense.

Thanks for the feedback.

My US portfolio were constructed less than 6 months, which means the FX at the price of purchase for cost shouldn’t be much different than the FX today.

I see. In that case, can you PM me more details of specific numbers that you believe are wrong and I will look more into it.


Hi Evan,

Firstly, thanks for the great commitment to StocksCafe. Really appreciate your efforts.

Just wanted to check whether SGD/MYR forex is correct as well. My current (total) P/L recently change a lot, suspect may be due to conversion error?


I have recently made some changes such that it will take into consideration of FX.

There is a page for users to debug/investigate ->

If you found some issues after checking the page, please let me know.