Total P&L in Portfolio Report does not match with Overall P&L (+div) in Portfolio Overview page

Should these values be the same or does only one of them factor in forex movement?

Yes, they should be the same. Let me check.

Thank you for waiting. I released a fix. Please verify.
(Sorry for the delay. Caught the flu last week)

Hi Evan, I hope you are feeling better haha!

The numbers are still unchanged - discrepancy still exist hmm. I did a full update too.

Ahh… Did not deploy it to one of the servers. Please try again.

It works now yay!

I also wondering whether should the current value of the portfolio = last year ending current value + total p&l + capital flow?

Hmm… Let me think about it. I think it could be missing cash transactions

Hi there,

I never thought of it this way BUT you seems to be correct. This works if there is no FX involved. I looked at my portfolio where it only contains SGD stocks and indeed the following equation works

31 Dec 2022 Networth + Total P&L of 2023 + Capital Flow is equal to Current Value.


ps: However, if the portfolio contains non-SGD stocks, FX seems to have cause the equation not to balance. I need to think harder why involving FX would cause issue. My suspicion would be that because of FX rate being used at different times? Not sure.

Its very strange.

The portfolio report total P&L for 2023 has suddenly been adjusted upwards while for 2024 shows a fairly big loss. However, the XIRR and TWR data for 2024 is positive.

The net worth formula is now correct for 2023 but 2024 seems extremely wrong haha.

Yes, it seems to have shifted 2023 P&L to 2024. Let me investigate.

Hi there,

I believe I have fixed this issue. Please check.


Yes, it is working now! Thank you.