Track Share builder plan or regular saving plan


Firstly, thanks for the great app made there. Believe me that I will be contributing soon but just this issue that drew back my action.
I would like to ask how to go about tracking my poems share builder plan or SAXO regular saving plan other than doing it manually as transactions.



Ultimately, it have to be somewhat manual. It is because unless the different platforms have openAPIs, it will be tough for StocksCafe to access your data automatically. Although there are ideas around simply forwarding your trade confirmation emails (very tedious for StocksCafe but likely the only safe way to automate transactions entering) and more extremely storing users’ username and password for each platform and login for them and do screen scraping (definitely a security problem and something I will not do).

The current manual approach is via file uploading but they are for other platforms, you need to figure out if poems and saxo can export your transactions easily or not.
For Syfe =>
For StashAway and any others that allow easy CSV export of your transactions =>