Tracking Crypto's earned interest

Hi Evan,

Might be a long shot and not sure if there is a solution for this.

I am currently earning interest on my ETH and BTC from Hodlnaut (~7% annually), those are paid in Cryptocurrency so ETH/BTC, how should I go about tracking them in my portfolio?



Currently, it is not possible to do anything but I also had the same issue :slight_smile:

So, I am thinking of a solution. My idea at this point is simply allow dividend override for Cryto because it is not easier to know or compute the dividends for any crypto since different platform have different yields.


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Hey Evan,

Thanks for the reply, agree with your idea. That is perhaps the best way for now given the numerous platforms and differing interest rates out there!


May not be worth it/intuitive or that good, but just spitballing some ideas.

Like for example Hodlnaut offers ~7.5% interest for BTC/ETH, so could there possibly be a new function where we can indicate that our cryptos are being staked/lent out to earn interest?

Then we can set the interest rate to be X% yearly, and indicate whether it’s paid out daily/monthly/yearly for easier tracking? With an ovveride option on our own in case the interest rate fluctuates and for a certain time period it may be higher/lower etc.

This is also possible but would need to manually adjust the interest whenever it changes on the platform.

While the first interest is likely going to be wrong but if interest do not change and principle do not change, second and subsequent interest can be correct.

Currently, I record it as a buy transaction with $0 paid for interest received Since stock cafe doesn’t allow recording of interest yet. is this in the pipeline as one of the new features?

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I have been thinking how to do this as well since I also have crypto that pays out interest.

However, it does not seems to be easy or rather I do not have a good idea since there are many ways crypto pay out interest. Some pay in the same “crypto”, some pay in different “crypto”. Will need to come up with a new way of recognizing it as it is not really dividends nor new shares per se.

One thing is for sure though. It cannot be automated :frowning:

Hi Evan, would it be possible to link our crypto in a way such as apeboard in Stockscafe?

Hi there,

Nope. Such feature is not available.


creating something like apeboard is a whole different ballgame vs what Evan is doing here…
(thanks for this website; new subber. great service!)

I was thinking of porting over my crypto portfolio data…
in anycase… currently any interest earned from stablecoin/staking/lending… I just manually add to the portfolio.

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Thanks Evan. Can you at least add manual dividend for crypto?

Certainly. It has been in my pipeline for a while :frowning:

Always too many things that I want to do but did not have time. Anyway, I agree this is important given the popularity of cryptos lately and of course I do have quite a bit of yielding crypto myself :slight_smile:

Thanks Evan, not rushing you. Glad to know the feature is in the pipeline.

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