Tracking Funding Societies Investment

Does someone know how I can track my P2P lending assets?

@shabir Their website tracks it for you, no? Separately i used to keep an excel sheet on my own.

However i stopped P2P after a year or so after deciding risk-reward ratio was not worth it. Was only about 4% returns after taking into account defaults across all the P2P platforms. Having said that, i found FS management and customer service to be the one of the best and most engaging unlike say MS.

Hi, thanks for the reply, their website does track it for me, but I wanted to see if I can add into Stocks Cafe to track with my stocks.

At the moment I haven’t had any defaults and have been getting small returns as I haven’t invested much in it. But some of your insights would be appreciated.

High returns (10-20%) but even higher risk (100% if default). Reward-risk ratio is only 0.1-0.2. It just takes one default to substantially reduce your returns or even negative. Director’s guarantee are useless if they run away (was hit by one on CM). Of course one can argue that the risk can be mitigated by proper vetting system but then you depend almost entirely on how well the platform screens it. From what i remembered, alot of details are not released (depending on the platform, but FS was fairly reasonable). FS actually does a good job on sharing details on chasing defaults and legal actions and i do appreciate their engagement and speedy response/customer service. It’s one of the better run ones if you want to do P2P. However, even the founder was sharing he had ~7-8% annualised returns on average at one of the engagement sessions a few years back which is what you can get from equity as well (not sure if their default rate has gone down since). I would rather depend on myself than other ppl for assessment. If you still want to do P2P though, my advice is to keep the amount small.

Also the returns from stocks is theroetically unlimited if you get a multibagger while maximum loss is 100% (which is less likely). Vs P2P where max returns is capped at ~10-20% vs loss of 100% (which is much more likely than stocks). On that basis, i decided to stop P2P and spend more time on stocks.

You can use the other features to track it yourself => StocksCafe
However, that is somewhat manual but given the diversity of possible assets out there. There is a limitation of what automation can do :slight_smile: