TSLA Average Price Update

Hi there. Not really sure why Average Price of TSLA has not been updated after the recent 3-to-1 stock split; current displayed value is before stock split, so it appears as though the account suffered a 66% loss.

Much appreciated.

Hi there,

TSLA price it currently at 200+ which seems correct to me → https://stocks.cafe/stock/recent/TSLA/?exchange=XUSX

Maybe you yet to accept this event? → https://stocks.cafe/events/details?suggestion_id=37967
It will help you handle the 1:3 stock split event.


Yup, you’re right on that. Much appreciated.

I assumed that the split event would be factored in automatically; The acceptance of the event helped resolve the issue.


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Sorry. I did not make this automatic as I do not 100% trust upstream events.

Best to have user double check else if it is automatically accepted, users might be confused especially when the data is wrong :frowning: