TSLA Split created a strange outcome

Hi Ivan,
I activated the TSLA split yesterday and this morning found a massive daily increase in my daily gain.
The actual gain on TSLA was -o.37% for the day, while in Stocks Cafe it shows a gain for the day of +417.45%, nice if it was true…

I check the transaction and all seemed ok, sell 1900 shares @ 81.57 and buy 5700 shares @ 27.19, so all should be ok, but I can’t work out what went wrong.

Can you take a look please.

Cheers/Andy R

Hi Andy,

Yes, your split transaction is correct.

The issue is with upstream data → https://stocks.cafe/stock/recent/TSLA/?exchange=XUSX
The stock split happened on 25 Aug but they started adjusting for it on 22 Aug.

Apart from that, everything else should be fine for you right?


Thanks Evan,
Yup, all back to normal overnight.

Thanks again.

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Actually, I emailed upstream and they fixed it :slight_smile: