Unable to add any transactions


why am I unable to add any transactions anymore?

I am still a Friend of StocksCafe.

Thank you.


Hi Jason,

I just tried and it seems to be working. It could be an intermittent issue. Can you try again?

If it still fails, can you share the error message?


Hi I also not able to add transactions, please help. Thanks :pray:

What is the error message that you are seeing? Anyone slse have the same issue?

I just tried and was able to add new transaction.

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There’s no error message cos I can’t find the Add Transactions when I am at the individual counter page.

All my previous transactions were also missing. I can’t see them anymore.

Please assist.


Hi Jason,

You can add transactions either via one of the two links.

  1. From your portfolio => https://stocks.cafe/personal/portfolio/transactions/update?label_id=0
  2. From individual stock page, under user tab / transactions section (e.g. CapitaMall Trust) => https://stocks.cafe/stock/username/C38U/capitaland+mall+trust?exchange=XSES

Past transactions are here

  1. All transactions => https://stocks.cafe/personal/portfolio/transactions?label_id=0
  2. For individual stocks, under user tab / transactions section (e.g. CapitaMall Trust) => https://stocks.cafe/stock/username/C38U/capitaland+mall+trust?exchange=XSES


I think the interface has changed. Previously, the related transactions can be seen in each stock page.

That old interface is helpful as I can track whatever I have bought and sell.

Yes, you are right. The interface have changed slightly. Have decided not to repeat the same contents in every stock page tabs.

New interface also have past transactions information. They are now found under the ‘user tab’ of Stock page => https://stocks.cafe/stock/username/C38U/capitaland+mall+trust?exchange=XSES

ok, thanks

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Evan, for the mobile version, there is no add transaction even when I’m at the user page on a particular stock.

I also prefer the old interface where I can see all my transaction at a glance.

Done. You can now also add transaction on mobile :slight_smile:

You mean to repeat the past transactions in Summary page as well?

I also prefer the old interface. :frowning:

Hi Evan, there is no add new transaction even under ‘User’.

Would you considering bringing back the transaction under the summary? I think it gives a good overview of our past transaction without having to go under the ‘User’ tab.

To add on, this happens when trying to add a new transaction for a new stock only.

Thanks for reporting. I have added the link. Please verify.

Done. Might need more tuning to make it more compact and better arranged.

Wonderful. Thanks so much for your quick assistance :slight_smile:

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Btw, would it be more intuitive if the transactions were listed from most recent at the top of the list?

Currently it is the other way around.

Agree. Done!