United Hampshire Reit

Hey guys!

Wanted to write a thread about this REIT. It had such good prospects but sadly i IPOed at the super expensive $0.80 USD, it is now only $0.55. The loss is immense haha.

Anyway, from sponsor wise to metrics, i find this a gem imo.
-18 Grocery & Necessity properties and 4 self-storage properties located across the US
-97% of the properties are freehold.
-95.2% occupancy rate
-Grocery-anchored + necessity-based + self-storage
-WALE 8.4 Years

What are your thoughts on this REIT? and does anyone know where i can find news on its dividends? cant seem to find any news with regards to when or how much it will be.



In this article, it seems to suggest that the yield would be about 7.4% at USD0.58

Thank you Evan, stay well!

I stare at the price in fear…then again, the fundamentals look good…so I am holding on