USX:API - Agora, Inc Not updated

Hi Evan, USX:API is not updated - would you be able to check?

Sure. Just emailed upstream about it. Thanks.

Done. Updated! Please verify.

Thanks for the speedy action. Verified it has been updated. Many thanks!

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Hi Evan,

Price on same counter is not displaying. Would you be able to help check please?
Thanks alot.

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Thank you for reporting. I noted that issue previously and did highlight it to upstream. I will let them know that it happened again. Will update here once I hear back from them.

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thanks Evan. Price has been 0 for past 2 days.

Ya. Sorry about that. I noted 2 days ago was 0 and informed them about it. They fixed it but it is back again. Have emailed them. Will update again here once I hear from them.


Also, upstream claimed to have fixed the issue and it will not happen again.


Will the updated value be displayed tomorrow? It is still not displaying.

Hmm… The reason it is not showing up is because it again have issue for latest close unlike what upstream claims. Will email again.

Fixed now. Again, they say that they will find a fix for that today. Please continue to report if it is acting up again. Thanks!

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It works! Thanks a lot Evan! Have a great weekend.

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