VICOM Stock Split

Hi all,

I was asked how to handle the VICOM stock split that happened today.

Given current StocksCafe features, I would suggest doing this which I believe is the easiest.

  1. Goto this link =>

  2. Fill in as follows:
    Symbol (Old): SGX:V01
    Symbol (New): SGX:WJP
    Stock Split Ratio (Old): 1
    Stock Split Ratio (New): 4
    Stock Split Date: Set it to split date (which is 10 June 2020)

  3. What happens is that it will automatically create two transactions for you. A sell transaction to sell SGX:V01 and a buy transaction to purchase SGX:WJP based on this tutorial =>



Thank you. However, when I try it, the system does not pick up V01…as if the code does not exist…

Oh… It have to be SGX:V01 instead of V01.

Thanks. Had to delete my won transactions of yesterday. It worked

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just to check - the sell price for v01 is at $7.837 and the buy price for WJP is $1.959 ya?

Oh wait - the sell and buy price would have been different for each person based on their own value initially right? please ignore the earlier post

Yup. You are right :slight_smile:

I followed your instructions and now my portfolio is showing WJP AP/L% +19,849,706,927,911,400,000,000%.

Wonder if there’s some issue with the calculation…? Perhaps the denominator?
I wished it were real… :slight_smile:


Yes, there is a possibility of that because we have port over the V01 P&L over to WJP and that is too much profit in just a few days of trading. So, it should normalize in a few days.

That said. I should maybe just show >1000% or so when the % is so high. Let me get to that soon.


hi evan, tried to do this for tesla. is there a reason why the buy transaction defaults to T+1.

i had entered split date as today 31st August, and it creates a sell on 31st Aug and buy on 1st Sep

edit: nevermind, i found an old article where for non-change in ticker symbol, just add the quantity at price 0. thanks!

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Maybe you want to link that article here for the benefit of future readers :slight_smile:

ps: Because I also forgot which one!


last part: For other exchanges where stock code do not change after stock split, this is what I would do:

  1. Simply buy (or sell if reverse stock split) at price 0.

Oh… Actually, now I recommend using this page

but then it goes back to my initial question:

“i had entered split date as today 31st August, and it creates a sell on 31st Aug and buy on 1st Sep” why does it to a T+1? wouldnt that cause discrepancies since the split is today

The reason for doing that is to ensure that the “buy” will not be considered before the “sell” in my system else it would cause some average pricing issues.

Would it cause any discrepancies with a +1 shift?

the only discrepancy i can think of would be the buy price may show red, if prices tomorrow are out of range. i might just stick with the additional shares at 0 price for now and see if that works.

Sure. Let me know if it does not work.