VICOM Stock Split

Hi all,

I was asked how to handle the VICOM stock split that happened today.

Given current StocksCafe features, I would suggest doing this which I believe is the easiest.

  1. Goto this link =>

  2. Fill in as follows:
    Symbol (Old): SGX:V01
    Symbol (New): SGX:WJP
    Stock Split Ratio (Old): 1
    Stock Split Ratio (New): 4
    Stock Split Date: Set it to split date (which is 10 June 2020)

  3. What happens is that it will automatically create two transactions for you. A sell transaction to sell SGX:V01 and a buy transaction to purchase SGX:WJP based on this tutorial =>



Thank you. However, when I try it, the system does not pick up V01…as if the code does not exist…

Oh… It have to be SGX:V01 instead of V01.

Thanks. Had to delete my won transactions of yesterday. It worked

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just to check - the sell price for v01 is at $7.837 and the buy price for WJP is $1.959 ya?

Oh wait - the sell and buy price would have been different for each person based on their own value initially right? please ignore the earlier post

Yup. You are right :slight_smile:

I followed your instructions and now my portfolio is showing WJP AP/L% +19,849,706,927,911,400,000,000%.

Wonder if there’s some issue with the calculation…? Perhaps the denominator?
I wished it were real… :slight_smile:


Yes, there is a possibility of that because we have port over the V01 P&L over to WJP and that is too much profit in just a few days of trading. So, it should normalize in a few days.

That said. I should maybe just show >1000% or so when the % is so high. Let me get to that soon.