VRM ticker not up

Hi, could you add VRM ticker (Vroom). Just IPO last night. Thanks

Updated => https://stocks.cafe/stock/summary/VRM/vroom%2C+inc.?exchange=XUSX

Although it seems before 2018, it was a ticker for another company and somehow upstream have that data embedded as well. I will reach out to them about it.

Fixed. Only 1 EOD now.

Hi, somehow the ticker is not updated as of 15 June, the last price was 12 June. Do you mind looking into it? Thanks


Thanks for reporting. Updated.


Hi Evan, seems like there’s an issue with the price again. It’s now showing 19 June price and not 22 June price. Can you look into this? thanks.

Yup. It was not updated after my first data pull from upstream this morning. Just did another pull and it seems fine now.

Issue: Upstream do not always have all data updated during my first pull. One solution is delay my first pull hoping that they would have more. I have just delayed my first pull by about 20mins. Btw, I do check that at least 95% of the stocks that were active previously were updated to consider my first pull valid.

Thanks Evan!!