VWRL suddenly not reflected


I just realised my VWRL holdings are suddenly not reflected in my total portfolio amount. Is there an issue with the data?

i realized the problem is that the LSE provider listed the stock currency is GBX instead of GBP, any way to fix this?

Hi there,

Yes, seems like an issue with upstream. I have overridden it. Can you check that it is properly reflected for you?


yes it works now, thanks!

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hi Evan, just a followup, i have previously manually added the dividends in USD for VWRL but seems like your latest provider has also added the dividends from previous years, hence there seems to be a duplicate. I tried deleting but it doesn’t allow me to

I see. Shall I delete everything you previously added then?

Will u be able to verify on your end if there is a duplicated dividend recording? if so, i think you can proceed to delete my manual entries previously, thanks!

Okay. Will do!