Wall page graph error

Normally the graph does not include non-weekends (market closes), but this week they include Sat and Sun. Just a feedback.

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Same issue here.

Do you all have Crypto in your portfolios?

Anyway, I will investigate more. (I also am seeing this but I do have a bit of crypto)

Currently no crypto in my portfolio pls.

no crypto too

Okay. I pushed some updates. Please try again. Thanks!

Thanks Evan looks good! (Except it is mostly red, blood let this 2 weeks)

Yup… Mine also very bloody :frowning:

Time to squeeze more cash out to buy in on companies I like though :slight_smile:

Hi Evan,

The weekend graph issue was resolved. However, I’m getting duplicate entry for 12 and 13 May.

Hi there,

I checked. From what I see, they are not duplicated (at least not fully). While SGX did not trade on 13 May, USX did trade on 13 May. So, it is the SGX portion that is duplicated but USX should have changed.