Watchlist Upload and Filter "All" Watchlist

Is there a way to bulk upload watchlist (like the subset file upload), instead of adding in one-by-one? Also is there a way to filter/select to view ALL watchlists combined, instead of filtering one at a time?

Unfortunately, the answer to both is no :frowning:

I wonder what is the use case for this? Are you porting information from somewhere else? I am wondering if the exchange information (i.e. USX is used in StocksCafe for US stocks) would be similar to whereever you are porting from.
Anyway, created a ticket for this β†’ StocksCafe

This is pretty straight forward. Btw, I am assuming you want it for this page? β†’ Watchlist - StocksCafe
Anyway, created the ticket for this β†’ StocksCafe

Bulk upload use case: yes trying to import watchlist from elsewhere. I can fix the different prefix/postfix issues like USX using Excel myself before importing. Right now the auto-complete on stock name is easy to use but slow in bulk input. Anyway no big deal on this jsut good to have. plus i am lazy. :grin:

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View ALL watchlist: Yes with the β€œAll” filter I will make my watchlists exclusive to each others and use ALL as a consolidated view. Will raise a ticket on this one.

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