Weird bug - LUNA got replaced/overwritten

Hi @evankoh,

Not sure what happened but the actual Terra LUNA got overwritten by some other LUNA coin. Can you swap both of them? Like revert Terra LUNA back “CC:LUNA-USD” again? It doesn’t make sense that I have to change my transactions.


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Hi there,

Yes, upstream suddenly changed LUNA-USD.CC to LUNA1-USD.CC
I am also affected as I also have Terra :frowning:

LUNA-USD.CC is now Luna Coin
LUNA1-USD.CC is now Terra

  1. Change all your transactions from CC:LUNA-USD to CC:LUNA1-USD
    (Since you mentioned that you did not want to wait for this, please give me a few days to deploy 2)

  2. Wait for me for a few days. I am trying to migrate upstream to CoinGecko. I am creating a “new” supported exchange called CG (CoinGecko) and will simply follow CoinGecko convention to make it easier and more standardized.


i noticed it a few days ago and updated my transactions to LUNA1, does that mean i have to revert all my transactions back to LUNA again after (2) is implemented?

My intention is to create a page for easy migration from CC to CG.

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Haha. Ok. I will wait for it then.

Yes please!