What good to buy and hold?


In the market now, what is good to buy and hold for 1-2 years with 5% yearly dividend?


Might want to look at Singtel!


Really? Why Singtel?


ST Engineering is my pick :slight_smile:


Wanted to tikam APTV, unfortunately I already overloaded, the div payout is too tempting, after cutting half it still have about 10% at today’s price :sweat_smile:


So far I looking at vicom, it looks stable. I will do some research on APTV.


Is APTV a ticker? or?


It’s AsianPay TV trust…Ticker is S7OU


I see. Thanks!


dangerous play. moat disappearing with IPTV.


DBS is good if it can continue to sustain its dividend rate


1 to 2 years is a pretty short horizon, and 5% is actually a decent yield.

I would look at either extending my investment period or lower my expected yield, if not, even with 5% dividend yield, it could be negated by a capital loss.


Singtel have “forward guided” a 17.5 cent dividend for the next two years.

At today’s price, 3.14, that is a 5.57% dividend.