What is your favorite feature in StocksCafe?


(I asked this question quite sometime ago)

Got more than 20+ replies. The consensus I got were the portfolio management and tracking portion of StocksCafe is the most liked feature.


Dividend is my favourite feature


screener function. i paid for the friends of stocks cafe because it was that great. Saved lots of my time.


Dividend forecast and stock screener


Same… Dividend forecast, dividend tracking and stock screener


Auto price feed, auto updated dividend projections, able to benchmark vs shared porfolios, discuss w like minded folks


Fully in line with TS


Agree with TS and WT


Agree with the tracking: it gives me a easy overview to update my spreadsheets (backup) as well.


Add US, Malaysia and HK indexes so that we can benchmark foreign counters against the respective index.


Yes, there is a ticket in the friends section on adding benchmark from different markets :slight_smile:


I like the trend charts … good to have a historical perspective and a relevant benchmark such as ES3 to compare.


What are trend charts?


the charts we get in reports


Daily Email, Dividend tracker and forecast, shared portfolios.