What platforms do you guys use to trade non SGX listed stocks?

For those with experience trading shares on exchanges other than SGX, kindly share your preferred platform and its charges. Also, are there any minimum trade size requirement for your platform?

I use Robinhood and TD Ameritrade to trade US stocks. Robinhood has no commission/fees on trades :slight_smile: TDA holds my retirement fund, and will likely be the account I use for some DRIP (since they charge ~US$7 per trade).

I’m guessing you might want to put down more context to your question to get some answers more relevant to your situation.

Can you use Robinhood outside of US?

Lim and Tan or iOCBC

stand chart for usd stocks. But the spread when u change sgd to usd kinda sucks.

Can i just check for TD Ameritrade is the exchange rate from SGD to USD good?