What stocks are you looking at in 2019


CRCT NAV dropped to $1.57, may drop again due to RMB

Starhill dpu has been dropping for 3yrs well into the 4th. This is the only REIT I traded alot, sell after each bad results and before XD. luckily I earn some peanuts each time.

Decided to stay clear until good price


CDG seem to be going up as go jek like no fight?


just curious whats the good price u analysed for shg reits?


Starhill? I would prefer 0,64 for more MOS for the down side for a 7% yield.


Agreed that 0.64 will be good price for SGR. I sold some into the recent SGR rally and hope to buy back if it goes back to < 0.65. If not, then I will be happy to hold a smaller portfolio of it … I am trying to reduce my retail exposure