What stocks are you looking at in 2019

What stocks are you looking at to add to your stock portfolio in 2019?

For me, probably increase holdings for Frasers Commercial Trust, SPHReit and Breadtalk

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wow so much confident, but it has ran up.

Looking more into HK market this this year probably.

how abt CDG? if it come down to $2. although I have Vicom

Already have cdg in my portfolio

More Ascendas REIT and Mapletree Logistic Trust. These quality REITs rarely correct. If a correction comes, I will increase my holdings.


I am also looking to increase REITs positions.


GSS and Alliance Minerals were both my worst performers for 2H18 but I expect them to start rising significantly in 1H19 as there key triggers are in this period. So I shall be adding to these when I can.

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I will get more index ETFs of SG, HK and US indices :slight_smile:


Bro Evan, I see you have 20+ stocks in your portfolio. How do you keep tabs on all?

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I think HK market is cheaper. trying very hard to look for gem in sg market.



Less serious answer: I use StocksCafe :slight_smile:

More serious answer: I do not really track each stocks very carefully. I am more of a number person. I prefer to crunch numbers and look at my stocks together using approach like modern portfolio theory.
Note: Lately I have been so busy coding and maintaining StocksCafe that I do not have time to take care of my portfolio :frowning:

  1. Starhill global
  2. Nam lee pressed metal
  3. Captii

Like these stocks because of their low P/B ratio

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Actually if you look carefully at a stock b4 buying, u don’t really need to look at it too much, just look at the result every Q. any big movement then need to dig in more

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At the moment, almost all the counters on my watchlist look like they are leaving the value buy zone… As in they are still good buys but not bargain buys.
Thinking not much monitoring required, I wilkljust preset alerts to buy, act on them if activated, but otherwise look at ssbs for 2.5+% average yields… Store ammo for gss.

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Recently was scanning REITs to see where I can deploy my cash. I was looking at CapitaR China Tr (SGX: AU8U).

Plus : sponsor, management team, increase in spending by middle income
Minus : forex risk (and trade war), e-commerce (half threat)

NAV 1.72
Current Price 1.42
Discount 10%
Div Yield 7%

Nearest competitor would be MapleTree NAC Tr (SGX: RW0U) whose results are pretty good in light of trade war.

TA wise, I found that 1.36 to 1.40 area seems to be a a good support zone for past 10 years. Recently rejected 200 EMA but I think this pullback could be a good chance to load.

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Starhill dpu drop again.

bought @ around 0.75 of Book value. Do you happen to have it in ur portfolio as well?

I just sold it at opening, 0.720.

About 3+ % annualised P&L + Div for holding slightly more than 1 year. Average price was 0.737.

Nice. That’s a good idea as well, instead of waiting for divs,

I will consider it again at 63c. For now, look to re-deploy somewhere else. I recently added Capitaland Retail China Trust at 1.42.

I am looking forward to the following stocks:

Jardine C&C